Wednesday, July 02, 2014

we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue

The Brixton renaissance has been happening for some years now. No longer run down and only famous for its prison, Brixton has become, among other things, a thriving hub for foodies.
At the heart of that is Brixton Village Market.
Formerly the Granville Arcade, the market has become a go to for not only the best food in South London, but a flavour of things to come. Honest Burgers opened their first London store here and the Observer has called the market “the most exciting, radical venture on the British restaurant scene right now”.
Having seen Stevie Wonder at the weekend at a venue I can walk home from, as well as having annexed the Hideaway in Streatham with brother John recently, it has struck me I am not making as much as perhaps I can do of Sarf London.

The deceptively simple expedient of going in to Stockwell on the Northern Line and then out again on the Victoria door-to-dooring me to Brixton in twenty of your English minutes if TfL is anything to go by, suggests Brixton Village Market for Saturday, followed by Chef at the Clapham Picture House on the way back.

What do we think? Does that sound like a plan? It pushes the beer can chicken back to Sunday, but watcha gonna do?

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