Thursday, July 31, 2014


I tried to put a cycloc up in the Bomber's room last night. Initially I failed because it didn't come with any bolts for fitting it to the wall so I ordered a pack of M6x70 Loose bolt shield anchors online from Screwfix and drove round to pick them up. (That is a very impressive service by the way.)

When I got back I found that I needed at 12mm masonry drill but to fit them and that my set only goes up to 10mm. By then the shops were closed so I tried drilling 10mm  holes on the off-chance. That off-chance was no-chance, so I ordered a 12mm bit online.

I've picked it up this morning. It looks about 18 inches long. I seem to have lost my sense of scale looking at a photo of it on the interwebs. I hope it will work with a bog standard drill.

I'll have to go home and try it lunch time, as I am going out for a drink with the Burglar after work and will be in no condition to be driving rotating machinery when I get back.

So now you know.

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