Wednesday, July 16, 2014

be careful what you wish for

I have added Amazon's Universal Wish List to my systems so I can add items from any website to my list. I thought it would come in handy for assembling odds and ends now I seem to be (for the first time in my life) in home improvement mode. It seems to work fine (though I notice the the widget on this 'blog only displays native Amazon content).

The first thing I put on it was a Croydex bath panel with a hidden sliding door. I have had a gaping hole on the side of the bath ever since part of the existing panel had to be drilled out to give access for replacement of the shower pump some time ago (icons Passim). At least this new model panel will mean nothing will have to be destroyed next time a pump goes out of commission.

A little later I noticed a Google ad on a site offering me 30% off it at Plumbworld. How did Google know? From my search history I guess.

I'm  telling you this story as the government's emergency surveillance legislation is being rushed through all its Commons stages in just one day with no discussion at all after a shameful stitch up by the three main parties.

If I am ever raided I image the bathroom will be the first port of call for the storm troopers.

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