Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smart Fashion

A full 80% of respondents believe that technology will seamlessly integrate with fashion trends in the future, while 72% were open to wearing clothing that tracked their health. With the success of Nike's Fuelband this latter number might not be surprising, but with 66% of participants also saying they'd feel comfortable donning wearable tech that served other useful functions it's possible tech could become fashion sooner than we think.
I went to the gym in my kit this morning, but forgot to bring a clean t-shirt so I am sitting in the office typing topless. I will venture out to the market shortly to see if any vendors and selling clobber. Short of that M&S will have to take the strain.

Strange that no Strabismus-lite fashion visionary has come up with a high tech solution to this sort of dilemma. Perhaps in future an  Amazon drone could fly in through the door and drape a shirt over me automatically.

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