Sunday, February 09, 2014

The LGBTQIA+ Monologues

Sat 5 April
St Joseph's Hall
Ever wondered what all of those letters [and symbol] mean?? The LGBTQIA+ Monologues is a celebration and explanation of each letter and symbol] which make up the identities LGBTQIA+. Featuring monologues from 12 acclaimed writers including National Theatre of Wales's Kelly Jones (Dating George Orwell, The Drowned Girl) and Royal Shakespeare Company and Central School alumni Rohan MacCallum. The show of 5 cast members will be funny, unexpected, informative, entertaining and empowering. Entry is by donation, suggested £5, at the door.
To be honest I had never found myself wondering what all those letters and symbol mean. Umm Lettuce-GSomething-Bacon-Tomato........?

A Google internet search doesn't explain the plus but does give me:
L - lesbian
G - gay
B - bisexual
T - trans*
Q - queer and/or questioning (sometimes written as QQ)
I - intersex (people born with genitals and/or chromosomes that do not conform to societal standards of male or female)
A - asexual/ace
At St Joseph's in Colliers Wood? Pope Francis must be moving faster than anyone ever imagined.

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