Saturday, February 08, 2014

pigging out

The World's Best Hog Roast
05 February 2014: Tim Lewis
The perfect barbeque requires sweat, sleepless nights and a lot of love. In the Deep South of the US, pit legend Rodney Scott hosts a masterclass. And the world's top chefs take note
Standing at a grill, wearing sawn-off denim shorts and wraparound shades, Albert Adrià peers intently at a row of sizzling avocados.
For his day job, Adrià is a chef and, by popular consensus, a genius: he’s the co-creator of elBulli in Spain, which is the most influential restaurant of the last two decades. But this afternoon, in a car park on Bowens Island in South Carolina, deep in the American South ......... read the whole thing.
There is very little that I wouldn't have given to have gone to Cook It Raw in 2013.

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