Wednesday, January 22, 2014

first as tragedy then as farce

The Sunday Telegraph's Merger of Palace staff is latest step on Prince of Wales's journey to kingship and the Buckingham Palace reshuffles key personnel in 'first step to bringing Prince Charles to the throne' in the Mail on the same day are about the unification of the Monarchy's press operations. I wonder where we will end up as that shakes down? Prognosis not good, I imagine.

We've also probably worked with the Police enough over the years to watch Danny Boyle's Babylon, Sunday 9th February on Channel 4 with a degree of discrimination, as the London's Metropolitan police come to terms with Liz Garvey – an American visionary from the world of new media, parachuted in to revolutionise a PR department struggling to keep up in an age of rolling news, smart phones and a news-breaking, information-hungry public.

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