Wednesday, January 15, 2014

According "to the legend"

If Wikipedia is to be believed, the current line up of the Puppetmastaz is:
  • Mr. Maloke: band leader, mole puppet
  • Tango Troublemaker: producer, rapper, blue bird puppet
  • Panic, the Pig: rapper, pig puppet
  • Snuggles the Bunny: rapper, rabbit puppet
  • Wizard The Lizard: rapper, lizard puppet
  • Ducci Prosetti: rapper/Producer, dragon puppet
  • HipHopNotist: rapper, gecko puppet
  • Frogga: rapper, frog puppet
  • Ricardo Prosetti: rapper/Producer, frog puppet
  • Flix: rapper, bat puppet
  • Turbid the Toad: frog puppet
  • Ryno: rapper, rhino puppet
  • Croucholina: toad puppet, dancer
  • Croucho: toad puppet and brother of Croucholina
  • Pit: Rapper, frog puppet
  • Dino Prosetti: producer, fish puppet
  • E-Wizz: Rapper, humanly puppet
  • Midi Mighty Moe: DJ, fly puppet
  • Big Eye: alien puppet
  • Rita: reggae puppet
  • Keil Pittler: demagogue puppet
  • Bloke: clown puppet
  • Lisa
  • Buddha
  • Richelieux
  • Hammerhead Rapper, Shark puppet
  • Dogga Dacoda
  • Harold
  • BumbleBee
  • Squidrick A.K.A. Squidone: Rapper, octopus with hat
  • Yobo: rapper and entertainer, twin brother of Star WarsYoda
  • Peppino
  • Orango-Thang
Sometimes, I just get a feeling I will like something even before I have heard it.

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