Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stranger than

It used to be that I would finished reading a book and lend it to someone so I could bend their ear about it.

No such luck with the kindle, so when I got to the end of Sounds Like London: 100 Years of Black Music in the Capital on the it yesterday I logged on to Amazon to buy a physical copy for Frankie so I could bore her to death about it. "This title will be released on August 7, 2014" was the notice on the paperback page and I can't seem to find a hardback. That is nearly a year away. It will be 101 Years of Black Music in the Capital by then, Surely an ebook can't be released twelve whole months before the paper edition.

Looking through my wishlist for something to tackle next, I picked up Miss Shirley Bassey. It only covers the first thirty years of her life and, as she is pretty much a contemporary of my parents, I thought it would interesting to read about her upbringing in Cardiff.

Kindle price 98p. Strange days indeed for the book industry.

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