Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's all very British

We went to the quiz at the Antelope last night as reigning champions with our handsome £50 prize available at the bar and in exactly the same position (winners and fifty quid to the good) at the Gorringe Park from the night before.

It all started well, we were winning at the interval, but then it seemed to fall apart as we ended up third with no prize at all; rank amateurs. I am bemused as we played the music round as on a stringed instrument and that is two points per question (artist and track).

Could it all have gone wrong in the film round? Dark forces may be at work but mustn't grumble, wouldn't want to cause a scene, people worse off than me, only if its no trouble, oh um fine thanks, keep your chin up, worse things happen at sea, make the best of it  ..... 

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