Friday, September 13, 2013

3am: bike rack fixed by group on night out

A group of revellers in a Lincolnshire town were caught by CCTV cameras as they fixed a bike rack on a night out.
The five men had been outside a takeaway in Boston when they noticed a damaged metal bike rack.
Footage shows the group spending almost 13 minutes straightening the metal hook at 03:00 BST.
Boston Borough Council said it was surprised by their actions and called it "public spirited".
The metal rack had been damaged when a car reversed into it. It had been left unrepaired for several weeks.
Watch the video here. It does my heart good. What does my heart less good is the Daily Mail's grudging and entirely predictable "Thugs vandalising a town centre? No, these drunken men on their way home from a night out at 3am are FIXING a damaged bike rack". At a glance - thugs, vandals, drunks. What a rag it is.

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