Thursday, May 23, 2013

zine to be believed

"In honor of its eightieth anniversary, Esquire has mined the archives to publish its eighty greatest stories of all time."

I got Volume 1 when it came out in February and then Volume 2 on publication in March. They were both solid compilations, but we're in the latter part of May now and there is no sign of Volume 3.

Babylon Wales' latest round up of local 'mags suggests I'm unlikely to source a replacement from my home town any time soon
Also making the scene is FFWFF, a bilingual anarcho-feminist zine put together by a small collective. Their publication which was birthed last year includes art, stories, and poems. It also contains advice on how to make a Pussy Riot balaclava; and the perfect vegan ice-cream. The latest addition to the underground sphere is Cardiff-based Bitch, a cut'n'paste queercore art zine. A more comprehensive account of what is contained in these publications and details of how to get hold of them can be found at the excellent Afiach website.
I've always prided myself on the intercultural competence of my table manners, but I must admit that the etiquette for eating vegan ice cream while wearing a Pussy Riot balaclava eludes even me.

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