Sunday, May 12, 2013

This time it's personal

I had my first session with a personal trainer for a long, long time this morning. I signed up for it because, when I was invited, I was told it was free. Perhaps it is a way for a trainer who is new to Virgin Active to drum up business?

Thus, I bowled up without any particular ambition or agenda just thinking it would add a bit of variety to my sessions but I was extremely impressed.

We discussed my recent mountain biking crash and he has given me a set of exercises to rehabilitate my rotator cuff (having had a similar shoulder injury himself). It became very clear as I worked at them that it is the specific mechanism or muscle that is used in external rotation that is my problem area. I am going to shorten my cardio sessions by, say, five minutes and do these exercises (they are all light) as a kind of warm up. He recommended the cross trainer and breast stroke swimming to loosen my shoulders so i will try them as well. I've also got variations of seated dumb bell curls and flies that should support shoulder health as well as working my biceps and chest.

On another topic, when I told him how embarrassingly inflexible I am in front folds, he got me to touch my toes for 30 seconds on the vibrating PowerPlate - apparatus at which I had previously sneered from afar. To my astonishment it worked a treat and gave me a good couple of inches in reach. I will try and do that every time I go now.

I don't need someone beasting me in the gym to make sure I work, but I may well see this guy for an hour once a month to evaluate progress and keep me on the straight and narrow.

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