Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Rinse and repeat

Although he is in year seven the Bomber turned out for the school's year eight team yesterday. They won 66-12. I don't know the circumstances but it seems pretty impressive as he goes to a boys' school with two hundred odd kids in each year.

This means he played for the school last Thursday, loafed on Friday, travelled to a five match tournament for the club on Saturday, trained with the club on Sunday, played for the school again yesterday and has training tonight. You couldn't fit a lot else in, but I suppose you pays your money at takes your choice.

Alex, who I take on Tuesday's as he lives round the corner, is planning to play for his school today and then come training with the Ruts straight after. It makes Ben look like a light weight. I am also reminded that Jonnie plays for all the same rugby teams as my own son-and-heir and for the school first 11 at football as well.

Remember next time the Daily Mail tells you that our youth are all fat and sedentary.

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