Friday, March 29, 2013

Boony, Boony

The Bomber and I watched this short documentary about Johnny Boon's comeback fight last night on the telly via iPAD HDMI. Seeing him in action (and walking out with Adam and Woytek) brought back a lot of memories for both of us (see Icons passim). Take a quarter of an hour out of your life and watch it as well.

Cheering up was needed as Ben's school rugby team lost in the semi final of what I believe is the Surrey Cup. He also managed in the course of the day to lose his white school shirt in the changing rooms at the game, and then to arrive at mine in tracksuit bottoms having we assume left his school trousers at Jonnie H's house. All that was left of his uniform this morning was a blazer and a tie. I think he lives in some sort of Borgesian reverie where objects blink in and out of existence rather than enduring in continuity.

Once when Jonnie H and Alex D stayed with him round ours I found that they had left three distinct and separate odd socks behind between them. How is that even possible? Their world is understood "not as a concurrence of objects in space, but as a heterogeneous series of independent acts."

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