Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A British singer has become an overnight celebrity in China after entering the TV talent show China's Got Talent.Wales News Service 9:14PM GMT 25 Mar 2013
Iain Inglis, 30, shot to fame after singing traditional communist revolutionary songs while dressed in a Red Army uniform.
The university lecturer made it to the semi-finals of the show and now performs for up to £5,000 a night.
"I'm a tall, white foreigner from Wales singing songs about communism in Chinese," Mr Inglis, from Cardiff, said. "It was a bit of fun to start off with but the more performances I did, the more I was hooked. For some reason the Chinese people seem to find it quite hilarious."
Mr Inglis received a rapturous response when he donned a Red Army uniform and sang 'I Love Reading Chairman Mao's Books Most' in the first round of China's Got Talent.
"If you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao, you are going to make it with anyone anyhow," or so it would seem.

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