Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The outlet valve on the dual flush mechanism in the bathroom toilet got stuck this morning, and it seems my brain was not up to analyzing the mechanism it at seven o'clock in the morning.

I had to tie it off with an old judo belt of the Bombers and go back and fix it lunchtime.

For future reference, the skinny can be found at http://www.geberit.com.au/web/appl/au/wcmsau.nsf/files/usr-pdf-Geberit_Outlet%20Valves.pdf/$file/Geberit_Outlet%20Valves.pdf. which is probably the definitive work in an, admittedly uncrowded field.

The shower is playing up as well, I can hear the pump complaining but it is boarded up under the bath and I can't face digging it out. Perhaps I will have to bite the bullet and get a plumber in. I wonder if my British Gas Homecare contract covers it?

What a fascinating life I lead.

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