Thursday, April 19, 2012

As long as the fire’s still burning

“When you get onto the mat, if you don’t respect anybody who’s on that mat, you’re not worthy to be on it. You’ve got to respect everybody, whatever their creed or colour of origin. When you go on that judo mat, everybody’s won.”

A quote from a profile of Winston Gordon (2nd from right back row in the photo above) on the Telegraph web site today. The Bomber also appears in the picture at the right of the front row. I'm not sure Ben ever really understood what elevated company he was in. (I've also just noticed that the son and heir is also, and not untypically, the only kid too reserved to be displaying his medal.)

Anyway read the article here. It is all true and he walks the walk; as is demonstrated in our photo of an Olympic athlete taking a day out of his schedule to help Eric and Darren chaperone a junior team at a competition.

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