Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Being for the benefit of Mr Fright

Look at the video above. The Burglar has ordered a company IPAD2 so, once it arrives I will be able to download the GarageBand application.

If it performs anything like as well the demo suggests it will be practically miraculous.

It costs £2.99 in the UK. That is two pounds and ninety nine pence; less than a pint of lager in the pub.

I am speechless.


chris said...

I have been amazed at all things apple since buying an ipod touch to while away the hours of convalescense. this was swiftly followed by an iphone 4 - which I'm now not sure how i lived without. it does all the things i could only dream my old palm would do 10 years ago. Brilliant.

Nick Browne said...

I'm counting the minutes until it arrives but I';; be surprised if it turns up much before Easter.

John said...

I am old school and considering which Line 6 amp to purchase in order to increase my fun and my neighbours lack thereof !