Thursday, April 07, 2011

For the good times

Back in October (Icons passim) I wrote as follows about the Bomber:
Note to my future self - the day he says he wants to quit judo or rugby, grin and bear it regardless of what you would actually prefer.
Well that day has come, and he says he wants to quit judo. For the record he is third from the right in the photo above.

Ernest Bevin’s Phoenix Judo Club, one of the most well-known in British judo, won Sports Club of The Year after excelling at events in the capital including the 2010 London Youth Games for which the club was also presented with the John WE Davis Award for making the most significant contribution to the event.
Winston, the guy on the right won gold in the under 90kg division at the Sarajevo European Cup a week or so ago.

What can I do but shrug my shoulders?

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