Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Polecats

The Polecats are playing the West Dean Festival in August.

I find this scarcely credible. They were formed in 1977, and I remember them delivering their idiosyncratic rockabilly stylings live in concert at Swansea University when I was there.

At the end of a badly received set, some roadie or other rushed onto the stage and demanded "do you want to hear another one?" to the complete indifference of the sullen crowd, and then - as God is my judge - yelled "you'll have to shout louder than that!" into the echoing silence.

The band then returned to impose an encore on a rapidly emptying hall. It is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

The next morning I saw them in the refectory, they had been forced to stay overnight as departing music critics had pulled the windscreen wipers off their tour bus.


John said...

I shed a tear of joy reading that. It also drove me to linking into We7 when I got home and basking in the glorious flavours of the Straycats.

Nick Browne said...

I think Brian Setzer is one of the greats. I loved the Straycats.

Get kicked out for coming home at dawn
Mum and dad cursed the day you were born
Throw your clothes into a duffel bag
Shouting as you slam the the door at home it's a drag
Who can I turn to, where can I stay
I've heard of places open all night and all day
There's a place you can go
Where the cops don't know
You can act real wild
They don't treat you like a child.