Thursday, February 03, 2011

Number one with a bullet

Myself: At my challenge, by the ancient laws of combat, we are met at this chosen ground, to settle for good and all who holds sway over the five points: us natives, born rightwise to this fine land, or the foreign hordes defiling it.

Prodnose: By the ancient laws of combat, I accept the challenge of the so called "natives." They plague our people at every turn, but from this day out, they shall plague us no more. For let it be known, that the hand that tries to strike us from this land shall be swiftly cut down.

The Daily "we'll be murdered in our beds" Mail has compiled a list (from the new CrimeMapper) of the most violent streets in England and Wales. Swansea's Wind Street is third, but Cardiff has two in the top 10.

Cambrian Road, Newport also shows up at a very respectable number six.

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chris said...

Drat! Swansea slipping down one from when I looked.