Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Favelas fellas?

The Bomber and I were lucky enough to be invited round to eat with the Brazilian family of a friend of his this weekend. We had feijoada with a variety of side dishes just like the photo above that I got from wikipedia.

Fried bananas, bacon and toasted manioc (Icons pasim) flour; did anything every sound so ridiculous yet taste so delicious?

To wash it down I brought along a guarana drink and cachaça as a token offering sourced at the inexhaustible Mills' Pastelaria KATAVENTO.

Coupla caipirinhas and the kids are playing, our hosts and their freinds are chatting in Portuguese, and I'm happily brooding on Jobim's Meditação.

Suadade (Icons passim) hitting the sweetspot after England beat us at rugby?

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