Sunday, July 18, 2010

Music and Fun

I ticked a lot of boxes yesterday by going to the Strawberry Hill Music and Fun Day in Twickenham.

1. Exercise. I cycled over and back, getting my cardio for the day done in the sun.

2. Socialise. Met up with a lot of old friends I don't see enough. These days a shirtless Dommy is eerily reminiscent of the Iggy Pop puppet in the Swiftcover TV advert.

3. Food and drink. "This is a song for anyone who has been drinking all day. It's about drinking all day, and its called ...... Drinking All Day" announced Duncan McManus of the Biblecode Sundays.

4. Music. The Downliners Sect formed in 1963 but still deliver the goods. (Downliners Sect on Spotify.)

5. Contributed to a good cause, supporting the restoration of Strawberry Hill House, Britain's only Gothic castle. See serendipitous Icons passim.

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