Friday, July 23, 2010

But seriously


25. If we think of time as orthogonal to space, a stream-based, time-based Cybersphere is the traditional Internet flipped on its side in digital space-time. The traditional web-shaped Internet consists (in effect) of many flat panels chaotically connected. Instead of flat sites, where information is arranged in space, we want deep sites that are slices of time. When we look at such a site onscreen, it's natural to imagine the past extending into (or beyond) the screen, and the future extending forward in front of the screen; the future flows towards the screen, into the screen and then deeper into the space beyond the screen.
That is a posh way of describing something we've done for launch next week. Watch this space.

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John said...

That is all very well but far more interesting is that he appears to be the lovechild of Michael Moore and Bill Oddie