Monday, July 12, 2010

Four legs good, two wheels bad

I cycled 22km on Saturday with the Bomber, another nine year old, and another adult. The overwhelming majority of it was along the Wandle Trail which is a designated bike path, but - I hold my hands up - on at least a few hundred yards of it the kids cycled on the pavement.

They're not officially allowed to do this, but I heard on the radio on the way to work this morning that the Mayor and the Met are thinking of changing the rules to permit it.

This is just common sense. The fallout from a child on a bike accidentally colliding with an adult on the pavement is trivial compared to the potential consequences of an adult in a car hitting a child on a bike in the highway.

I am also - as you may imagine - in Boris J's camp when it comes to kids cycling to school.

Further - hat tip Chris - I add that all Welsh eyes should be following Cardiff's Geraint Thomas in this year's Tour de France.

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