Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"Twitter users claim historic victory for the power of the internet after gagging attempt on routine act of journalism triggers race among bloggers to reveal all," says the Grauniard this morning.

For myself I picked the story up from Nick Cohen on Facebook, noticed the topic trending on Twitter, and even tweeted myself yesterday morning.

We await history's verdict on this turn of events, but I think it may well be a significant precedent. I refer you - again - to the Guardian's story for the details.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, Synchronicity? I just joined Twitter today with my first tweet being (in answer to the question 'what are you doing?") 'joining Twitter out of idleness'. What's the form on this, old bean? My ID on Twitter is JackMalachi.
Ever yours,

Nick Browne said...

Hi Sean, we have actually written a Twitter "engine" that we are planning to use to perform the classics via Twitter, though having assembled said components we need a kick up the backside actually to get on with it.