Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I have been roped in as the Press and Publicity Officer of the E.B. Phoenix Judo Club. Here's the skinny:
The role of the press and publicity officer is to raise the profile of the club in the local population, and to keep current members informed of what is going on in the club. Not only will this assist with increasing membership by more people knowing about the club, but it will also help to motivate the current members, as they will feel proud to be associated with a successful organisation.

The press officer should make it their business to get to know all the key people dealing with sport in the local media, and to look for other opportunities to put the name of the club in the spotlight.

They will need to:
• Compile a list of local media including newspapers, radio and television
• Establish contact with sports editors
• Produce regular press releases of results, forthcoming events, and other items of interest
• Investigate local opportunities to advertise the clubs activities; (eg. Notice boards, shop windows, libraries, etc).
• Produce advertising materials to publicise the club’s activities
• Keep a copy of all press cuttings and a record of all other media coverage
• Keeping the club notice board up to date
• Produce a regular club newsletter
• Create a club web site, and keep it up to date
It's probably the last task that got me in the frame.

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