Sunday, September 06, 2009

Zombies of the Northern Line

It was praised at Cannes as a no-budget marvel and is due on our screens next month. But Marc Price's British zombie film, Colin, made for just £45, has done more than set a new benchmark in cheap guerrilla film-making. It's also put Tooting Broadway on the horror-movie map.

The atmospheric, gore-spattered film is told from the point of view of the titular zombie, and was shot on the south London streets near Price's rented house on Himwell Street, SW17.
He should have come and shot it in SW19 at the Dark Mills Festival yesterday, he probably could have got his movie in the can for £30. I've never seen make-up applied so generously to such mingy effect. One scarcely expects Goths to scrub up like Brad and Angelina, but did Mum and Dad really have to lay on with such a will with the ugly stick?


chris said...

and klingons on the starboard bow?

Nick Browne said...

Mick - who was running the site on Saturday - won't hear a word against the Dark Mills crowd today.

"Lovely people and no hint of aggro,"he reports so I take my hat off to them and apologise for my gentle mickey taking.