Saturday, September 05, 2009

Last true Welsh prince buried under pub?

THE headless corpse of Wales' last native prince may well be buried under a pub on a Cardiff council estate, according to a Welsh historical society.

The final resting place of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd - also known as Ein Llyw Olaf ("Our Last Leader") - has remained a mystery since he was slain in a Mid Wales ambush in 1282 as he spearheaded a rebellion against Edward I.

But members of the Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust have resurrected long-standing rumours that he was buried at Llanrumney Hall in the capital.

In the 13th century the site would have been a monastic grange. In later years it would become the home of notorious pirate Sir Henry Morgan, but nowadays it is the site of a reputedly haunted pub on the Llanrumney housing estate.
I've never been to Llanrumney Hall, though I went to school nearby.


KaliAmanda said...

Somehow seems appropriate, though I did not know Morgan was Welsh -- a detail I must have forgotten because I toured his Barbados estate. Heck, I just found out Jack Daniels was Welsh!

Nick Browne said...

If in doubt assume everyone is Welsh

rontuerip said...

I went to Llanrumney secondary Modern school as it was. I was in the Rugby team that won the Cup on the Arms Park in the final.I left in the 60s My Name is Roy Colley.
I often think about my other school mates,Paul Humphreys for one.I have been many times to the Abbey Cwmhir to lay a flower on my prince Grave,now after all this time he has been closer to me than I thought.I remember Llanrumney as it was before the pavments were down,and cows would walk into our garden from the farms.