Tuesday, September 22, 2009

French Letters

Giscard's latest literary offering, The Princess and the President, published next week, is a highly detailed romance between a fictional French president and a thinly veiled British royal – Patricia, Princess of Cardiff, or "Lady Pat". The tome has attracted the mirth and curiosity of the French media, who wonder if it's simply the literary imaginings of an old man with a glint in his eye or hints at a kernel of truth.

Patricia, Princess of Cardiff, or "Lady Pat" sounds like a Tiger Bay fish wife; to think I ever imaged the French cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

In a further development:
This is Newport at its most glamorous and only a quick helicopter ride from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, which helps to explain its popularity with the rock star fraternity who visit when they're touring. Some of them, including veteran rocker Alice Cooper, come for the golf, too.

"Newport at its most glamorous, " is a phrase I never expected to read in The Mail, or anywhere else for that matter.

I wonder what The Chain make of it?

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