Monday, September 07, 2009

Kevlar Tyres

I did the Richmond to Windsor bike ride yesterday (plus cycling from home to Richmond before it began and back from Clapham Junction after we got the train back).

I recorded the main event on my Garmin so you should be able to see it, along with pub stops, at

I had to change an inner tube before I even got to Wimbledon on my way to the event. Brendan (who also inspired me to get the GPS watch in the first place) told me I should get Kevlar tyres.

Kevlar tyres! Of course I need them and I wonder that I didn't think of it before.

He is the Lucius Fox to my Bruce Wayne.


Anonymous said...

What have we unleashed??

Nick Browne said...

Maturin: If I am indeed "unleashed" I was unleashed in BoA, so - if Bren is my Lucius - you must be my Alfred.