Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Expensive (formerly thoughtful?)

I got an email from Siobhan McDonagh, my MP over the weekend. She said:
I talk to many people each week but you are all too polite to ask me any details about my expenses.

That is why I want to make it clear I do not claim anything at all for my mortgage, property maintenance, furniture or food. I pay all these myself.

Under the rules, I could claim for a second home, but I won’t, and I never have – my only home is the same one in Colliers Wood where I have lived since before I was elected in 1997. The only personal expense I re-claim is for transport.

Here's the skinny from her website on her personal expenses, explaining with regard to transport:
I do claim petrol and fares to cover the costs of undertaking my parliamentary work. This includes travelling to various agencies, and going to meetings and other events on behalf of residents. I am not permitted to claim for the congestion charge.
I think that she should be able to claim the congestion charge, making me possible the only person in the country who thinks the system partially unfair to Members of Parliament.

Anyway, she appears to be on the side of the angels which is all to the good.

There is an interactive heat map of MPs' expenses at which is well worth a look.

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