Saturday, May 02, 2009

the depression (when everybody was depressed)

Lying in my bed, I pull the silken sheets up tight
I gotta keep my strength up, gotta do a show tonight.
I have a sip of coffee while I'm taking in the news,
Don't need to have a shave 'cause I gotta sing the blues

Then I think I'll get a massage, maybe, lose a little fat,
I have to go downtown in my brand-new Cadillac,
My valet comes and dresses me, I light a big cigar,
Cos' I like to look like Nimrod when I'm riding in my car.

Can blue men sing the whites?
Or are they hypocrites for singing?

I watched a documentary last night on BBC4 about the British Blues boom.

Tom McGuinness talked about playing with Paul Jones in a pub in Colliers Wood, and Bob Brunning featured prominently. Great fun. The Thames Delta indeed, and south of the Fortnum Mason line.

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