Sunday, April 20, 2008


Very pleased we are to report that Joe Calzaghe came all the way from Newbridge to Vegas and beat the braggart Bernard Hopkins.

Very pleased we also are to observe how the Welsh fans respected the USA's anthem, unlike Ricky Hatton's Madchester hordes (whose booing of it at the last Nevada US/UK showdown embarrassed me at a distance of 5,000 miles which was a new record).

I only wish that the woman who sang The Stars and Stripes could have shown it as much regard. No one loves Aretha Franklin more than me, but I can't be doing with faux Aretha melismatic pseudo-soul. Mark the singing up to Wales after Tom Jones' Land of My Fathers as well.

In related sports news I completed the Childline Challenge this morning and felt a lot stronger than last year. Getting up for the boxing at 3am and drinking lager until retiring again at 5 obviously agrees with me.

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