Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Manly Arts

The New Ninja Bomber is in Hong Kong with his mother for half term. I'm taking him skiing with me (in a party of thirty one old Whitton chums including four other kids around his age) next year, and I took advantage of this weekend's trip to the Twickenham Beer festival to pay the balance due at the travel agent.

I'd like him to grow up knowing how to ski. I get a lot of satisfaction from his progress in swimming and Muay Thai lessons, and I remember thinking when Mark was kind enough to put him in the saddle last year, that it would be no bad thing to get the drop on that as well. I'm also developing a vague idea of taking him on a beach club holiday in the summer to see if he can't be blooded as a little surf dude.

Accomplishment in the manly arts is an important part of education, and I've found a new one that The Profit Burglar and I can add to our repertoires as part of Eat Your Way Around the World in London.

Opening a bottle of champagne with a saber, or sabrage, was apparently invented by the swaggering Hussars of Napoleon's cavalry, and it seems that at certified sabrage "caveau" Le Vacherin (Chiswick W4 5LF) the payment of a £10 supplement allows you to sabre your own bubbly under the watchful eye of master sabreur Malcolm John. Surely that has to make it our French destination of choice.
"Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it."


John said...

Benny can try body boarding, kite sailing and all that beach side jazz down west.
If you have the inclination we will go camping in Llangenneth and he can avail himself of some wonderful facilities - they also run training schools around and about the area.

Nick Browne said...

Llangennith sounds good. Let's have a look at diaries for the summer holidays. Maybe the Howell's or some other chums with kids would be interested as well.

chris said...


a jolly good jape, reminiscent of extraordinary little cough

Nick Browne said...

I haven't read Extraordinary Little Cough for years. Was he running in Llangennith in it? I vagely recall it as Swansea Bay, but I might have imagined it. Let's definitley do a few days on the Gower coast in the summer.