Friday, October 12, 2007


I got the New Ninja Bomber a PSP for his birthday.

It's now set up to access the Internet wirelessly in my office and at home, and with a selection of his photos, video and music as well as downloaded games.

This was however a pain in the neck for both me and The Profit Burglar. We had to upgrade the OS and reformat the memory stick before the web browser would work properly, and the text entry system (modelled on SMS) is an abomination that surpasseth all human understanding.

If you attach it to a PC via USB the device is simply mounted as a drive. Henceforth I'm going to manage it from there, and download from etc. onto the desktop rather than directly to the PSP.

For all these travails however, I can see that the next generation of a PSP type system may become indispensable, that removeable storage is on its last legs, and that ubiquitous wireless access will change the landscape fundamentally.


John said...

The Cloud ? Only just noticed the tag - do you refer to the aether ?

Nick Browne said...

I mean the amorphous internet and computing bucket whence all our data seems to be going.

chris said...

the text entry system is worse than that :)

nice graphics, though, & a pants battery life