Tuesday, October 02, 2007

squeezing lemons for juice

This is so good, I am merely going to reprint the first few to lead you in, encourage you to read the rest, and then absent myself from the picture. (Hat tip Norm.)

Blues is more than just the music and there's many a philosophical insight buried in all those wailin', ramblin' and jivin' old songs.

Here are the 30 things I've learnt about life from listening to the blues.

1 The boss man is rarely understanding of one's workplace issues.

2 After waking up in the morning, the best follow-up action is to get out of bed.

3 A woman is ill advised if she leaves town in order to cheat on her man, since - during her absence - he may well replace her with another sweet mama.

4 One sign of really serious depression is the decision to shoot a fellow citizen just to see him die.

5 Precipitation in the state of Georgia is sometimes so heavy one can be left with the misapprehension that it is raining all over the world.

6 The best response to an unfaithful spouse is to leave home for a time, and to
achieve success elsewhere.

7 There is almost no human activity, however unlikely, that cannot serve as a metaphor for sex, including playing a phonograph, digging for potatoes, checking the oil in a car, making biscuits, hooking catfish or even squeezing lemons for juice.

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chris said...

Thank you for that, I now understand life.