Friday, March 02, 2007

Zell am See

I'm off skiing first thing tomorrow morning, for the first time since a trip to New England between the conception and birth of the New Ninja Bomber. Fingers crossed I'll keep the blog ticking over, but no promises.

Zell am See in Austria - a country I haven't visited before - is the destination, and I'm travelling mob-handed with the same crew that I used to rampage regularly with all those years ago.

I've found my boots, but the rest of my gear seems to have disappeared in the last couple of years' domestic upheaval, so it looks like TK Maxx will have to take the strain lunchtime.

Jack those Jills, shake your Playtex
Rock 3 stripes not the asics
Old school cos it's the best -yes
TK Maxx cost less - yes
Jackson looks a mess bless

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