Monday, March 19, 2007

Balls to the Wall

Gordon has warned me of the perils of overtraining, so I walked - rather than ran - south along the Wandle Trail yesterday to road test my new GPS training watch.

I can blog the data above because I uploaded the it into

If you follow the links and look at the data in detail you can see that I didn't start recording data until I was past Wandle Park because the system took that long to pick up the necessary satellite connections.

You can also see that I finished my walk outside GJ's. I subsequently entered GJ's and drank too much lager watching the Everton Arsenal game and then continued with baddiwad behaviour.

Hmmmm. I think Gordon understands that my foot to the floor, balls to the wall* attitude is what makes me eat like a pig and drink like a fish as well as train every day. Yesterday, while he was encouraging me to fuel myself more sensibly he did acknowledge that my biggest problem with moderation would be boredom.

Never mind. It is better to wear out than to rust.

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* Also delighted to learn that balls to the wall, rather in the manner of kicking against the pricks is not a rudery at all:

Originally a military term for pushing maximum G-Forces in a jetfighter aircraft, as in pushing the ball of a throttle as high up as it will go (virtually touching the wall of the dashboard).

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