Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Artful Dodger

By a strange coincidence, just ten days after I mentioned the Gordon Brown's decade old raid on the country's pension schemes, and hot on the heels of the former Cabinet Secretary's enumeration of his "Stalinist ruthlessness", documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that he was explicitly warned of the likely consequences.

Here's the coverage from The Telegraph, The Times, and The Guardian.

The BBC is downplaying it (there's a surprise) leading its coverage with, "the Treasury has dismissed as "abject nonsense" claims that Gordon Brown ignored warnings about his first Budget creating a £75bn gap in pension funds".

What an amazing coincidence that the Chancellor happened to be enhancing his image as a prime-minister-in-waiting by making an unannounced one-day visit to British troops in Afghanistan just as the documents he had desperately tried to suppress were released.

You can find the documents at issue here, if you want to make your own mind up.

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