Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where in the world?

I've only ever put one posted one photo to flickr, but I revisited it last night in light of all the buzz in the blogosphere about the system adding extensive geo-tagging and maps support. As it happens I the example picture that I posted was taken in Kerala in India which made it an ideal candidate for an experiment.

They've certainly made tagging very easy, so I've annotated the picture with a notional idea of where I took it (memory fades) and followed the instructions for wiring my flickr account to this blog. Unfortunately all that comes through is the picture below, but if you click on it you can follow another link to the map. (It is on the lower right of the picture on flickr's page under "Additional Information".

This is interesting in itself, but also potentially significant for business. Bizarrely I just sent an update to a police client of an intranet client for their dispatch system that also throws up a link to the incident location.

IMG_0792, originally uploaded by NickBrowne.

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