Friday, August 25, 2006

Old School

Exactly six months after floating the idea, I finally got my five year old along to Jackapong last night.

He was thrilled with the idea all day and punctuated our walk to his first Muay Thai lesson with blood curdling cries, leaps and kicks, but - perhaps inevitably - got a little sheepish once we arrived.

Kudos to Gordon, who suggested that I took my shoes and socks off and went into the dojo (or whatever the Thai equivalent is) with my little boy, and Kru Johnny Boon who didn't fuss when Ben was lurking on the periphery of his class. In the end the lotus blossomed , Benny joined in and had a fine old time, and the Jackapong Gym on the ground floor of the Brown and Root building is where you will find us for the foreseeable future from 6pm until 7pm on Thursday nights.

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