Thursday, August 31, 2006


"Eat your way around the world in London" is on the road again after the summer recess.

Last night we went to Las Iguanas near the Festival Hall to sample the food and booze of Brasil. It was recommended to me by Hugh on the weekend, and the family in Wales can try the experience as well because there is already a branch in Cardiff.

Cacha├ža - is the third most consumed spirit in the world by volume after vodka and whiskey - is the national spirit of Brasil and the basis of the nations cocktails so we started off with a classic Caipirinha each at the bar.

Then when we managed to get a table - the place was ramped in the parlance of the waitress; Bolinhos (Brasilian cod, potato & parsley fritters served with aji; hot chilli salsa) followed by chicken Moquea (a light coconut curry of peppers, tomatoes, garlic & palm oil,with white rice, sweet plantain, coconut farofa & aji: hot chilli) for me, and gambas followed by Xinxim (Pele’s favourite; Brasilian lime chicken in creamy crayfish & peanut salsa) for Paul.

It's good to be back.

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