Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mas Que Nada

There was a latin band called called Samara playing at AbbeyFest on Friday night. As I bowled up, after going home after work to shower and get changed, they were playing Mas Que Nada and when they finished Rachel Calladine, the guest vocalist said how intimidating it was performing that song to Brazillians.

Quite so, because - for all that it seems to house more Poles than Poland and more Sri Lankans that Ceylon - Colliers Wood also seems to be some sort of hive of activity for capoeira the Brazillian martial art with music.

I've seen posters saying that it is on in the community centre, noticed it being practiced in the Muay Thai gym and even seen people walking round at night carrying and occasionally strumming berimbaus.

It is all rather confusing although I am 100% in favour of it. I wonder what the story behind it is?

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