Saturday, August 05, 2006

Time Out

I've read Time Out pretty much every week since I moved to London. (As an aside, I am so daft that I didn't realise for the first decade that the sections were in alphabetical order.)

The listings magazine has moved on since it was founded in London however. Here, Time Out New York├é’s editor-in-chief, Brian Farnham, talks with his counterparts at Time Out Beirut and Time Out Tel Aviv.

Just before the hostilities in Lebanon and Israel broke out, Time Out Beirut's editor-in-chief, Ramsay Short, contributed a brief item that ran in last week's Time Out New York, proudly bragging about the generous drink pours you can get in his 'truly 24-hour party city'. That party abruptly ended when bombs began falling on his friends, family and readers. Amir Ben-David, the editor-in-chief of Time Out Tel Aviv, and his city are contending with the threat of Katyusha rockets. The pages of an arts and entertainment magazine are not the place to get into the complex issues at hand, but because there's a family connection, we thought it would be interesting to give readers access to these Time Out perspectives interviews with both editors about their experiences during the conflict can be accessed below. We look forward to the day when our colleagues, and their readers, can replace worries about survival with the dilemma of deciding what to do in their great cities.

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