Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Number 86?

The last couple of times I visited Amazon, I was peripherally aware of Roast Chicken and Other Stories (Ebury Paperback Cookery Series)sitting at the summit their Hot 100 Books, and I remember being mildly surprised that the latest Harry Potter had been dethroned.

This article from the Telegraph gives the background. It seems that when the Waitrose Food Illustrated magazine lined up a panel of more than 40 leading chefs, restaurateurs and food writers and asked them to consider 100 cookbooks, then choose the most indispensable one of all, this book - written eleven years ago by Simon Hopkinson - came out on top. (I hadn't even realised, from the title, that it was a cook book.)

Plainly I need a copy. The snag is that I aleady have 85 cookbooks in the kitchen and I think if I try and squeeze any more in there Jane may have my intestines for sausage skins. What to do, what to do? Perhaps I need to cull some of the tomes I seldom if ever consult.

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