Tuesday, August 02, 2005

America's Buttiglione

According to Christopher Hitchens in Slate, "everybody seems to have agreed to tiptoe around the report that Judge John G. Roberts said he would recuse himself in a case where the law required a ruling that the Catholic Church might consider immoral".

Its news to me that Roberts - Bush's Supreme Court nomination - is a Catholic, although its not knews to me that Hitchens has a Richard Dawkins style tin ear when it comes to religion.

I'm disappointed therefore, but not surprised by Hitchens injunction to "quit tiptoeing around John Roberts' faith".

If he is proposing a sandbagging of the kind handed out to Rocco Buttiglione by the European Parliament last year I think it is madness quite frankly.

I wrote about Buttiglione back in March. My conclusion then is the same as my opnion today.

Never mind Islamophobia, we cannot possibly imagine that we live in a viable multicultural society if upholding conventional Catholic dogma excludes citizens from playing a full role in the public life of that society.

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