Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Adventures of Tiny Elvis

Often when I've been in the US, I've spent a lot of downtime watching Saturday Night Live reruns on the Comedy Channel.

I've just stumbled upon a site devoted to transcripts of the show and looked up three favourites from the early Nineties.

Thus, if you ever hear me announce - inexplicably - ' I'm just saying it's a big salt shaker, that's all', you can lay the blame at the door of 'The Adventures of Tiny Elvis'.

Worse, if I ever solicitously enquire, 'what's really bothering you?' I am ashamed to admit that I am more likely to be channelling the 'Sensitive Naked Man' than being sincere.

Unforgivably if I tell you that "you're a beautiful, intelligent woman", it is from 'Husbands and Wives'.

When you're a one-man band, nobody gets hurt!

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