Saturday, August 26, 2023

X marks the spot

Back in Cardiff this weekend. As trailed here, a week or so back, Sean and I went to The Hayes to look into the Post Secrets bollards. A surprisingly sociable experience, passers by were stopping and asking with interest what we were doing.

I've been to see mum this morning, but I've got a flat tire so I'm stuck in the house waiting for First Response Tyres to step up to the plate and whiling away the time at

Exiles to Icons: The Codebreakers Come Home is worth a look for us Billy Boston completists. As is Vanished Wales, Series 2: Episode 2. The second section, twelve minutes in is about the mosque where Mia's grandparents were married. Finally for today, the first section of Vanished Wales, Series 2: Episode 4 is a must see for we descendants of Cardiff's Little Ireland.

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